Pool Blankets and Rollers



Pool Blankets & Rollers General Information

   Using a Pool Blanket Roller makes removing your pool blanket easy. Whether your pool is large or small our specially designed, economical, trouble free and lightweight roller systems are perfect for handling and also storing your pool blanket when it is not in use. They can be operated easily by a single adult and are the perfect quality accessory for your pool.
    Spread or withdraw your pool blanket quickly and easily with our exclusive lightweight non corrosive stainless steel reel systems. When it comes to price, durability, craftsmanship, handling ease, customer support and overall satisfaction Autumn Solar gives new meaning to the word excellence. Our Sunwise Reels and Blankets carry the most comprehensive warranty in the business.

Sunwise Pool Blankets

   Sunwise pool blankets act as a solar heater absorbing the suns energy during the daylight hours while acting as an insulator to prevent heat loss at night when temperatures fall. Your pool temperature can be raised by up to 8 degrees. Pool blankets can prevent over 95% of evaporative heat loss saving lots of water and keeping energy bills low during the summer.

    Sunwise pool blankets can save you many hours spent cleaning your pool. They prevent leaves, dust and debris entering your pool. By minimising evaporative water loss, your pool blanket helps stabalise your pools chemical balance saving you time and money. By raising your pool temperature you can enjoy your pool for more months throughout the year and extend your swimming times into the evening hours.

How Sunwise Pool Blankets Heat Your Pool

    Autumn Solar Sunwise Pool Blankets use the suns energy to heat your pool, raise it’s temperature and extend your swimming season substantially. Sunwise Pool Blankets are crafted from thousands of tough, puncture resistant air cells encased in a rugged, new generation poly material, LLDPE. This provides twice the stretchability and strength of conventional LLDPE films. Sunwise blankets simply float on your pools surface, held in place by the suction created by the air cells.

    Our LLDPE material is designed for heat retention and allows optimum passage of the suns rays. Solar energy passes easily through the translucent material and is stored within the air pockets/bubbles of your Sunwise blanket. The Sunwise pool blanket material is a great conductor of heat so it quickly transfers the absorbed heat to your pools water. This way, precious solar energy is not wasted through heating up and cooling down periods.

Measuring & Installation

 Measure the length and width of your pool at water level. For step areas measure like the diagrams shown below. Your pool blanket can then be welded into one piece.

To install your blanket simply place the rectangle over your pool and trim to shape with scissors. Follow the outline of your pool and leave approx. 75mm up the edge. Extra material will be included on all blankets


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