EPDM solar heating

—— : Model number: 001-00141
—— : Panel size: 4mx1m
—— : EPDM solar collector
—— : Flexible iIndividual 72-pipe
—— : Solar area = 70% pool area
—— : Can be mounted on any roof
—— : Applied for pool solar heating
—— : 10 years warranty

Pool Solar Heating - EPDM General Information

  Autumn Solar Pool Heating Raises your pool's temperature to just how you like it! Transfers heat from your roof location into your pool. Comes installed fully automatic made to measure or kit form Thermostatically controlled Includes all fixings, valve & tee pieces Automatic system also available
  30-40 year life expectancy Your swimming pool is a big (and expensive) investment - so why use it for only 12 weeks a year? By investing in safe, environmentally friendly, efficient solar heating, you'll find:

  Swimming in April & September will become a pleasant experience Mid-season averages of 27 degrees will make everyday swimming a delight, swimming under the stars will be something other people only dream about.An early morning swim before breakfast will no longer be something you can do only in the tropics. Your swimming season just got longer! How does it work? The solar collector is positioned in a sunny area, either on a roof, on the ground or on a specially built frame. Pool water is then pumped through the collector using your existing pump.

  The water in the collector is heated by the sun and returned to the pool, turning your pool into a heat sink. It's that simple!

  Installing a fully automatic system allows you total freedom to enjoy your pool, without having to manually turn valves on and off. You simply add a Solar Magic digital controller and circulating pump.

  The controller activates the circulating pump when the difference between the ambient temperature and the pool temperature is 6 degrees Celsius or more and de-activates it when the temperature difference falls to 2 degrees.

  How much heat?Under standard conditions you can expect a temperature increase of 5 to 7 degrees Celsius during the months September to May. This means last years 25 degrees could be this years 30 degrees!

  How much does it cost? Almost nothing! Once you have purchased and installed your Heating System the heat is free! You have almost no running costs such as you have with gas, electric or oil burning heat exchangers.

  Where can it go? The Autumn Solar system is highly flexible - not a rigid structure like some systems - and follows the form and shape of your garage roof, garden wall, terrace, etc. It can be tailor made to fit almost any shape and is impervious to virtually all weather conditions. With our range of specially designed straps and clips, your system can be secured to almost any surface imaginable.

  Why an Autumn Solar system in particular? Autumn Solar is an Australian company that has been making solar heating for pools for over 35 years - and if anyone knows about the sun, heat and swimming pools, we do!

  We also guarantee our solar collectors for up to 15 years* - the longest guarantee in the solar heating industry.

  Finally, our factory produces more extruded synthetic rubber than any other in the Southern Hemisphere. With that amount of production capability, our prices are a fraction of our competitors.

12Tube EPDM Solar Collector

12Tube PVC Solar Collector

8Tube EPDM Solar Collector  


- purchased per sqm
- Width. 150mm
- Internal Diameter 5mm
- Wall thickness