Surface Mount Pool Light

—— : Model number:22090
—— : 12V/12W
—— : Multipul colour changing / pure white / pure blue
—— : Surface mount - easy installed
—— : Thickness 72mm, diameter 240mm
—— : IP 68 waterproof
—— : Surround can be plastic or s/steel
—— : 5 years warranty

- Operation:

  multi colors 12V underwater LED Pool light has 8 different colours/combinations as listed below:
Blue / Green
Red / Blue
All Colours
RED – Colour changing every few seconds starting at RED
RED – Colour fading every few seconds starting at RED
Green / Red
Then back to Green. (Start)

To select a desired colour or changing pattern turn the power off to the transformer, wait 2 seconds and then turn the power back on.  The light(s) will progress to the next colour/pattern.  

If the transformer is left off for more than 10 seconds the light(s) will come back on at the last colour/pattern they were turned off at.



- under water light,

- colour: multi colors in one light / pure white / pure blue
- white plastical slim / black plastical slim / ss slim
- 3m cable / 24m cable option

- package:

 8 pcs in one package with 3m cable,

 6 pcs in one package with 24m cable.

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