A1 Aluminum White Shower with Spray & Footwash Bruminator 20L

—— : Model number: A1
—— : Aluminum body
—— : 100% brass internal structure
—— : Mixing valve for hot & cold water
—— : Capacity 20L
—— : Size: Diameter 110mmxH2000mm
—— : Automatic off spray & footwash
—— : 8 years warranty

A1 Aluminum White Shower with Spray & Footwash Bruminator 20L

- Attractive powder coated cylinder.

- Built-in anit-corrosive thermal collector.

- Chrome-plated hot and cold taps.

- Swivel shower head.

- Installation template.

- All necessary hardware.

deal for rinsing off before & after using your pool or spa.  

Great for other outdoor areas like backyards, vacation homes, campgrounds, beaches & more. A Autumnsolar Solar Shower maximizes the power of the sun, for luxuriously warm showers, anywhere, with no utility costs. It is easy to set-up, because it connects to any standard garden hose (noplumbing needed!)

The Autumnsolar Solar Shower is the perfect poolside accessory, at a value price!  

Made from  Aluminium Alloy , it is durable and easily attaches to any surface. The cylinder stores and heats the water, and since it uses a standard garden hose (not included), stallation is simple and not expensive.

Simple DIY Installation!
The Autumnsolar Solar Shower comes in a single box. Simply insert the 4 screws & attach the base of the Shower to your deck or another suitable
sturdy surface. Then connect your garden hose! Complete instructions are included. Your Autumnsolar Solar Shower can remain in place year-round,but in cold-weather climates you should drain the shower during the off-season, to prevent damage from freezing.

Packaging & Shipping

Strong package for long distance transportation. Complete foam packing inside carton.


Testing and manufacture

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