Oval Slim Pool Light

—— : Model number:22400
—— : 12V/20W
—— : Multipul colour changing / pure white / pure blue
—— : Surface mount - easy installed
—— : Super thin 45mm thickness, L290xW220mm
—— : IP 68 waterproof
—— : Surround can be plastic or s/steel
—— : 5 years warranty

The Slimlight underwater lighting system illuminate your pool at light, making it safer to swim in and enjoy. Slimlights use technology that meets current Australian and others countries.


- 42mm in depth from the pool wall.
- INPUT Min. supply voltage 10Vac 50/60Hz,
- INPUT Max. supply voltage 12Vac 50/60Hz
- OUTPUT Max. 20watts at 12Vac

Pool lights can be mounted in all pool types concrete, fibreglass, liner pools and existing pools as a conversion.

Pool Light comes with a 12month replacement warranty